Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bloom Poetry layouts

These layouts were made using the Bloom Poetry kit designed by KakleiDesigns. Her blog at KakleiDesigns has a list of the stores she sells in.

This is Allie playing with a Der Der (you know, the inside cardboard of a roll of wrapping paper).

These are my furry feline boys. The multi-colored one who looks so nice all sleeping and sweet like that...well, let me just say that even though is name is Bob, I call him Satan Paws because he's very sadistic with his claws. The solid black one is my sweet boy, Bandit.

Allie getting wrestled to the ground by all the puppies. There's 4 puppies in all, and they can be quite determined *lol*.


Rhonda said...

Never heard it called a Der Der. LOL

Me thinks Satan Paws should have some horns or something. Perhaps a little spiked collar.

Gotta love the puppy pile. Ha!

Adorable layouts, as usual. :)

Mystical Moocow said...

I miss you, and I'm sick and feeling all pathetic right now *lol*. Thanks on the layouts though.