Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pickaboo Layouts

Both of these layouts were created using the Pick A Boo! kit designed by Arlene Toledo at Cool Scraps Digital

This first layout is the girls this year for Halloween.

This layout is the pumpkins they carved. The wolf was done by Trish. The hand was done by Shannon. The flaming face was done by Allie. Her pumpkin won second place in the carving contest.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Yellow Sweet

These two layouts were done with the Yellow Sweet element kit designed by Elyane Araujo at Cool Scraps Digital

This first layout is of Shannon & Allie.

This one is of me...during my early years at school.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Groovy Baby

Here are my latest two layouts. They were both created with the Groovy Baby kit designed by Shelley Moore and can be found through her blog and at Cool Scraps Digital.

This first layout is a picture of my niece and nephew while we were having dinner in the ballroom on our cruise to the Bahamas. The staff was AMAZING at helping to entertain the guests. They were simply wonderful with the children.

This layout is of my stepdaughters Trish and Allie. They were playing around outside, just being kids.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Gobble Gobble

Here are my latest layouts for the Creative Team at CoolScraps Digital. All 3 layouts were made using the Gobble Gobble kit created by QueenBrat Designs.

This is my niece, Bailey. She is growing into such a wonderful young woman who I am very proud to know.

This is my fiance, Steven, and two of his girls, Trish and Allie. They were fooling around with some funny face glasses, and I just happened to have the camera handy.

This is the youngest, Allie, playing with her "brother", Oscar. Her laughter was contagious, and he was so happy getting in some good play time with his "sissy".

Carve It Up!!

My girls all wanted to carve pumpkins for Halloween this year. The youngest two entered the pumpkin carving contest here in town. Sadly, the oldest was a year too old. Allie, the youngest, won second place!!! This was her first time carving a pumpkin. Her father and I gutted the orange globes and then they did all of the carving by themselves (had to per the rules of the contest). It was so much fun watching much in fact that I forgot to take any pictures. I did get pictures of their pumpkins though.

Here is Allie's (the 2nd place winner). She's 9.

Here is Shannon's. She didn't place, but hers is still cute. She's 11.

This one is Trish's. She's 13. She wanted to enter the contest too, but was just one year too old.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yay!!! I made the Creative Team!!

Wooooo hooooo!!! I made it to the final round of the CT Contest at CoolScrapsDigital. It's a very cool site, if scrapbooking is your thing. I've learned a lot through the contest and know I'll learn a lot more with being on the Creative Team.

Here are my two layouts for Round 3 of the contest. The first one presented quite a new idea to me, in that of using completely white space. I had never contemplated that idea before as I'm still new to the world of digital scrapbooking. I had a lot of fun during the contest, and I'm looking forward to being on the team and seeing what I can do!!

Both layouts were made using the Summer Funny ~ mini kit by Elyane Araujo.