Monday, November 10, 2008

Carve It Up!!

My girls all wanted to carve pumpkins for Halloween this year. The youngest two entered the pumpkin carving contest here in town. Sadly, the oldest was a year too old. Allie, the youngest, won second place!!! This was her first time carving a pumpkin. Her father and I gutted the orange globes and then they did all of the carving by themselves (had to per the rules of the contest). It was so much fun watching much in fact that I forgot to take any pictures. I did get pictures of their pumpkins though.

Here is Allie's (the 2nd place winner). She's 9.

Here is Shannon's. She didn't place, but hers is still cute. She's 11.

This one is Trish's. She's 13. She wanted to enter the contest too, but was just one year too old.

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Lady Coni said...

Those pix are so cute... i am looking forward to meeting them soon. Set a date yet???