Thursday, July 10, 2008

Puppy Pound

Okay, so now we have 2 weenie dogs. Oscar and Riley. Oscar was such a little angel, never barking. Now Riley comes into the picture, who is a barking machine let me tell you....and now aaaaaallllll of a sudden, Oscar's just as bad as she is. She's teaching him all her bad habits. The go into little weener attack mode when anyone comes to the door. It's kinda funny for about the first 2 seconds *lol*. Oscar also now gets up on the back of the couch like he's a cat (thanks Riley) to which Bandit (the actual cat) is very DISPLEASED. When we give the dogs treats, Riley sits on hers and steals Oscar's...never really eating either one of them. She just doesn't want him to have one. She steals his toys, pushes him off my lap when he's having a "mommy nap", and steals his favorite blanky too. He's a quick study though and has now successfully stolen 3 bones back from her and pushed her off me twice. *laughing* Their antics really are quite cute...and now that Oscar's stopped trying to hump her with every breath, they're becoming fast friends. The sleep together during the day. They even eat and drink together without Riley hogging it all. We haven't tried putting them in the same kennel at night yet, but that will be soon. Oscar's kennel is pretty big and even with both dogs in there, Riley will still have more room than she does in her little one. We're hoping to fence a section of the backyard for them as soon as we can find some fencing to do so. We live in a semi isolated area. The hardware store in the next town over doesn't have anything and the same with Walmart. Oh, I do have to tell you.....Oscar never begged before either. Riley, however, can sit so damn pretty and hold the pose for days. Oscar is now doing it as well......because they've learned that we're WEAK and we'll crack before they do. I mean, come on, when you have a twin set of weenies sitting up on their hind legs, both tails wagging, and looking at you with desperate eyes......who can resist that?????


Shelley Moore said...

LOL - gotta love her don't ya? SHe's a natural born leader, ROFL!

Mystical Moocow said...

*laughing* That she is. She really is quite cute and loving. She has a very different style from Oscar....which is just funny to watch.

Rhonda said...

Too funny. A match made in heaven, I'm sure. The little rascals. And of course, you can't help but love 'em both.