Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gone are the days

So, my sister's NAGGING me to blog again. Okay, so I've been busy being busy and just haven't really had much to blog about. Or rather, there's been lots going on but it's stuff I can't yet blog about.

So I decided that just to shut her up, I'll put something on here. My poor garden. It's dead and gone. All the plants are brown and withered. We got a halfway decent yield for my first attempt in more than 20 years. I had lots of cherry tomatoes to eat. We got quite a few green beans and peas too. Oh, and the carrots took forever but proved to be quite yummy. The garden is a sad little skeleton out back now though. I almost feel the need to go rip it out so it'll quit looking quite so pathetic back there all brown and bent over and stuff.

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Shelley Moore said...

LOL - well, hey at least you had a few yummies! I got weeds :) And yes i'm curbed for the moment, but hey - the nagging can resume again at ANY MOMENT!