Sunday, October 26, 2008

How many pancakes can you make in a day?

I got this idea awhile back of wanting to make up a bunch of meals in one day and freeze know, for good wholesome home-made tv dinner type things. I figured it would be better for all of us than eating all that processed crap all the time. My fiance makes really good enchiladas. He made 4 trays of them today. There are quite a few things that I make that they all like a lot. Today, I cooked for about 11 hours. I made 3 full-sized spaghetti dinners with sauce made almost from scratch. I made up a bunch of egg salad (can't freeze that, but they all love it). Then I got a bright idea to make up a ton of pancakes and freeze them. That way, it would be an easy breakfast the wee little ones (okay, maybe not so little) could "cook" for themselves in the microwave. They love to cook, but they are DANGEROUS in the kitchen. I had a couple bags of frozen blueberries and a GIHUGIC bag of pancake mix. What could go wrong, you ask? Well...after about 90 blueberry pancakes, I got the bright idea to try and make apple cinnamon ones. So I make a big batch that was supposed to yield about 50 pancakes. I cooked one griddle worth (6 saucer sized pancakes) and had to tweek my batter mix a bit. Cooked up 6 more after that but the batter was a bit thin, so I tweeked it some more. I ended up with over 100 apple cinnamon pancakes *lol*. It's a good thing, a very very good thing, that we have two deep freezers. They did turn out very very very good though. Quite a few of them never made it into the baggies *chuckling*. So....I cooked almost 200 pancakes today. I'll be happy not to do that again for a few months *lol*.


Shelley Moore said...

damn you for making me hungry... i could chow on some pancakes right now!

Lady Coni said...

I really liked the layout and now i am hungry for pancakes... MAJOR... but luckily I have planted two blueberry bushes and two blackberry bushes so hopefully next spring i will have some GREAT PANCAKES myself.