Monday, August 25, 2008

My First Family Portrait

We went and had pictures taken, and I'm so happy with them. This is my first portrait with a family of my own. I played around with them and really like some of the effects and such. I wanted to share them here.

From left to right, top to bottom: Steven, Jen, Trish, Shannon, Kathy (Steven's mom), and Allie down in front.

This is the same pic. I just used "sepia" in my photo editor.

The girls with their grandmother. Shannon, Kathy, Trish, and Allie.

Here I used sepia and a smudge edge.

This is my favorite one of the girls together. We got it this way. I did nothing to it. Shannon, Trish, and Allie.

Here's the same pic without the pink edge.

Me and my honey, Steven.

Here I used sepia and a marble frame.

Steven and his mom, Kathy.

Same pic with a black and silver frame.


Shelley Moore said...

I absolutely LOVE them!!! They look fantastic! Email me the FULL SIZE file of the family, and then the one f the girls

Mystical Moocow said...

Thank you. I'm so happy with them. We all love them. The emails I sent you are the full-size photos. I didn't shrink them at all.