Thursday, August 21, 2008

Spicy Badger Meat

So these are my boys. Aren't they cute? Look at Oscar napping with his daddy and his ducky. That's how he prefers to take his naps now....on someone's chest...usually mine. Oscar was soooooo little there. He's a big boy now...very stocky. He's so cute because he LOVES beef jerky that we have now started calling "Spicy Badger Meat" after reading in a Daschund book that they were initially bred for hunting. We can ask him "where's the Badger", and he'll look for the jerky. *snickerring* It's very cute.


Shelley Moore said...

Spicy Badger Meat? lol.... he is cute! Where are the pics of dum-dum? LOL As for the hunting, yep! That's why they sniff and burrough and dig and are general "hounds"... LOL

Rhonda said...

Too cute. Love the jerky call. The wee little hunters. *snerk*